Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Workshop Wednesday: Pinterest Professional Development Linky

I'm linking up with Ideas by Jivey for this months Workshop Wednesday: Pinterest Professional Development. Now does it get any better than this? Blogging & Pinterest in the same place. <3

Here are some things I want to try in the new school year:

I already have my students practicing their math facts with Lightning Rod tests, timed tests basically, but I was looking for a way to display where the students are with mastering their facts. Then I saw this idea & loved it. I really like the idea of the giant numbers and writing the kids names on the number as they master the fact. I just haven't decided if I want to write their names on the numbers or put the numbers low enough that the student's can sign the number as they master the fact.

Another idea I saw & loved was the idea of Noggle, Boggle but for math. It was a coincidence when I came across the idea of Noggle, because we had just had an articulation meeting for math across the elementary level about how to incorporate more "math" related activities in the classroom. I think this is a great "I'm done, now what" activity. Students use the Noggle board and try to find as many ways to come up a pre-determined sum, difference, or product. So depending on your grade level you could customize for your kiddos.

I really like the idea of the writing center being visual and I think this is the perfect thing to have hanging there. With this attached right to the wall or wherever your writing center is, your kiddos can easily see what you mean if you suggest they write a recipe or a list. A great visual reminder.

Love these sentence sticks. Your get 4 different colored craft sticks and write a noun on one color, a place on another, a problem on a third, and something special/random on the last color. Then students pick one of each colored stick and write a story that includes all 4 elements. I think these are great to rotate through writing center or to have as an "I"m Done, Now What" activity.

I definitely want to try this with my kiddos next year. I think it will be a great part of "Read to Self" during Daily 5, either as a response to their story or to help them create their response.

I really like the idea of posting the reading strategies, as we cover them, on a tri-fold, presentation board, instead of on a bulletin board. I'm super into the tri-fold board idea, I've seen a lot of stuff popping up using tri-fold boards, they're portable and can easily be put at the students eye level.

What's on your Pinterest boards? Remember to link up before the end of the month. I can't wait to see what you're looking forward to trying next year.


  1. I love the idea of the tri-fold board too! I hadn't thought of that! It would be great to have right at their level, and you can pull it out when you need it... save it for another year... :) Thanks for linking up!
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  2. I found your blog through Jivey's Workshop Wednesday. I super love your polka dot design.

    I am going to repin the math number idea.

    Your newest follower,


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