Thursday, June 20, 2013

Classroom Management: Ten Pin Linky

I'm linking up with Ashley from Just Reed again this week for her Ten Pin Weekly Summer Linky. This week's topic Classroom Management

1.) I love the Clip Chart method because it allows students to not only move down for poor choices but to move up for good choices. You can grab my polka dot one here.

2.) I love calling this the clip hall of fame, if students reach a certain color they get a jewel on their clip, after receiving so many jewels their clip moves to the clip hall of fame. I did something like this a few years ago. If a student reached purple (the top of the chart) then they got a star on the back of their clip. If they got 5 stars then I put a polka dot with their name on it on our "Spotting Great Behavior" board.

3.) This mini clip chart is perfect for those students that need the reminder when they are out of the room the clip chart is still in effective and they are still being held accountable for their behavior.

4.) Having a voice chart I think is such a great visual reminder for the students as to the appropriate place for their voices, depending on the activity. I created my own polka dot version, along with mini cards to put at specific centers. You can grab them here from this post, I also have a striped and a chevron version up for grabs.

5.) I think this is such a cute idea. Great for the end of the year craziness, but I think it's something nice to incorporate sporadically, so the kids never know when someone could be caught being crazy good.

6.) I definitely plan on doing this, even if I'm in a younger grade, because I think it will give them more ownership of their job/responsibility and it cuts down on the chaos of students not knowing what they are suppose to do because their job changes too frequently. I think I would have students apply for a job at the beginning of the year, then apply for a new job half way through the year to switch things up a little bit. And by having them acquire a new job mid-way through the year the student that held the job before them was obviously doing it long enough to become a little pro at it; therefore, they would be more than qualified in training the new person to complete the job.

7.) I love the warm fuzzies idea. One year while teaching kindergarten I used tickets for students to earn a reward from a prize box, but I love the warm fuzzies so much more, there's something....warm & fuzzy about them. For me these are an additional part to the clip chart. Students earn a certain number of warm fuzzies depending on what color they are on and they can also earn them throughout the day for showing good choices.

8.) Reward to me rewards. What more is there to say? Who doesn't love a reward that doesn't cost them anything. Check out my post about my clip chart, it also has a set of individual free to me rewards, as well as a class set. Again, a freebie that can be scooped up in polka dot, chevron, or striped theme.

9.) This is amazing! Such a wonderful idea. This would have been so useful when I was teaching Kindergarten. If you teach at the younger grades you know what I'm talking about. Are we suppose to cut? Do we glue this on? Can we work with a partner? Can I use markers? This is a great visual to answer many of those questions.

10.) Love, LOVE, LoVe this idea. Check out the blog post for yourself, but I think it's a great idea towards those dread pencils and all the problems they bring to a class.

What ideas are you lovin' for classroom management?

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Hope to see everyone linking up with Ashley this summer.

P.S. I know it's Thursday and I did not do a Thursday Rave this week. I'm thinking I might post-pone it until the end of summer, unless I come across something this summer that is so wonderful I absolutely have to rave about it. There are so many great linky's happening this summer, I'm trying to keep them all straight so I remember to participate in as many as I can. 


  1. I love your name :) and blog name too! Polka dots are my fav as well. It must be a Stephanie thing.

    I really love the visual questions reminders. My kids last year would ask the same question over and over. I soooo needed it last year but I'll definitely be using it this next year. Thanks for sharing!

    The Learning Chambers

  2. I love the clip hall of fame idea (the jewels are awesome)! And, I'm definately going to check out the classroom job applications.


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