Monday, June 3, 2013

Manic Monday Freebie: Student/Class Rewards

Hey folks. I'm joining up with Classroom Freebies again this week for Manic Monday.
Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

This week I'm sharing my polka-dot clip chart and some free-to-me student and classroom rewards.

If you are familiar with the clip chart method you will notice right away that my colors are flipped. For me, I prefer to have yellow, orange, and red be at the bottom as clip down colors, because these are the colors we associate with warnings/danger, etc. in the real world. 
Click the picture of the clip chart to grab your free polka dot clip chart. 

With my clip chart I also use warm fuzzies (click to read her post about it), this great idea of Mel's from Seusstastic Classroom Inspiration

At the end of the day my students earn 1 warm fuzzy for being green (which usually only happens if they've just clipped up from one of the clip down colors, other than that most are usually on Good Day). 2 warm fuzzies are earned if they are on blue, 3 if they are on purple, and 4 if they are on pink. They can also earn warm fuzzies throughout the day as my way to reinforce positive behavior and good choices. Students store their warm fuzzies in a paint cup (the no-spill kind, with just a little hole at the top, like these ones from Lakeshore). Once they fill their cup they get to choose a prize (the free to me kind or at least very inexpensive).

Click the picture above to grab your freebie of my polka-dot free to me/inexpensive student prize cards.

My class also has a paint cup as a whole and when they earn a compliment from another faculty member they can earn a warm-fuzzy, usually a larger warm-fuzzy and if they are making good choices as a whole class I will put a warm-fuzzy in their paint cup. Once the class fills their cup they can earn a class prize. 

Click the picture above to grab your freebie of my polka-dot free to me/inexpensive class prize cards.

For the class prize, I'll either let them vote which one they want or put all of the cards in a box and we'll randomly pick one. 

If you're a lover of polka-dots like me I hope you find these sets useful in your classroom, but even if you're not as big of a lover of polka dots, I hope you enjoy them.

Remember to head over to Classroom Freebies and link up for Manic Monday.

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