Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Ten Pin Linky - Back to School & my giveaway

Linking up for the last time with Ashley from Just Reed for her Ten Pin Linky. :( This makes me sad, I really loved this summer linky. This week's theme is Back to School Ideas & here are some of my favorite ideas.

1.) Check out this Classroom Job pack from Andrea Knight's Tpt store. I just love the idea of having applications & interview questions for classroom jobs & you can adapt her pack to younger students as well.
Source: Andrea Knight

2.) What an ingenious idea. Having a color cup system as student tables to help them manage their voice levels. Check out Charity's video post about it. 
Source: The Organized Classroom Blog

3.) This is such a cute idea to have pictures of the students with the class rules as speech bubbles.
Source: The Ins and Outs

4.) If I still taught Kinder I would definitely do this (maybe even 1st or 2nd). I sent my Kinders magic dust to help them not be nervous on the first day of school & this reminds me of that. Love! Love! Love!
Source: A Cupcake for the Teacher

5.) I'm such a word game nerd that I would definitely do this bulletin board, if the space was available. I would have so much fun just figuring out where to put whose name. 
Source: Fine Craft Guild

6.) I love this Heart Map as a Getting-to-Know-You activity for older kids (2nd [maybe] & up)
Source: The First Grade Parade

7.) And I love this one for the little guys (K&1st)
Source: Miss Kindergarten

8.) When I saw this activity I thought it would be such a cute activity for the beginning of the year & the end of the year & see the kids answers & how they've changed.
Source: Sailing into Second

9.) I'm really loving the idea of asking the students what they expect from me and the school year and themselves.
Source: Mrs. Robinson's Classroom Blog

I also like these options.

Source: Confessions of a Teaching Junkie

Source: Teaching and Learning Together

10.) Such a cute idea to see the reflection of summer in the sunglasses.
Source: A Love 4 Teaching

Don't forget to link up with Ashley & share your favorite Back-to-School ideas! Check out my Pinterest page for more ideas.

And if you haven't checked out my Brights & Polka Dot classroom decor pack, check out my post & enter for your chance to win it before you can buy it, you have one more day to enter!!!

I can't wait to see your favorite pins!!!


  1. These are all great pins! I'm pinning them too! :)

  2. I am loving that super cute crossword bulletin board! How stinkin' c.u.t.e! Thanks so much for sharing! Happy last day of July! YIKES!

    XO, Kelly Anne


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