Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Back-to-School Mixer LINKY PARTY

I was inspired to create this linky after reading all of the Liebster Award posts. My favorite part of reading & writing my own post was the 11 random facts, which leads me to this linky.

It's a mixer, so it's all about the random facts about you that we wouldn't normally know from reading your blog. Link up your post with 10-20 random facts about you (try to include pictures when & where you can, not necessary, but always fun) and remember the rule of 2, be sure to leave some comment love on 2 other bloggers' posts that have linked up.

Now without further adieu here are random things about me:

1.) I'm CDO - that's OCD but alphabetized, everything has it's place & I will be right behind you putting something back correctly or shifting it's position if you didn't put it where it belongs and at the right angle. Books, dvd's, & anything else that can be is alphabetized or in numerical order.

2.) My toe nails HAVE to be painted if I'm wearing any kind of open-toed shoe, it kind of sceeves me out to see unpainted toe nails in sandals.

3.) Nestle's Bunch-a-Crunch is my all time favorite candy. There's just something about that chocolately crunch that I can't get enough of.

4.) I don't particularly care for small dogs, they make me nervous. The 2 times I've been bitten by a dog in my life both times were by small dogs & unprovoked. I will take my in-laws 175lb Great Dane any day over a little anything.
My big guy (not 175, but was pushing 80 lbs when he died)

5.) I  grew up in a log cabin, not like back woods style, but my dad's house is built from logs & has log walls (brown everywhere & not a paint can in sight).
My hubs & I long before we were married, but you see what I mean by log walls...everywhere!

6.) My closet is color coded & my shoes are organized by style (sandals, flip flops, heals, sneakers, boots, etc.) See #1 if necessary.

7.) My husband & I have been married for 3 years, but have been together for 10 (this past March).
Just a few shots of us through the years, most of these are more recent, except the bottom left. 
But we've been together since I was this young. Sorry I don't have a picture of the 2 of us together @ prom on this computer. But I was 17 here, this is from my Senior prom. We had started dating about a month before this & been together ever since.
Senior Prom 2003

8.) There are 9 grand-children in my family & my sister & I are the only ones that don't have a brother, we're the only ones with a sister.  And she's my BEST FRIEND!
My sister & I, she's my rock!
My poor dad...he didn't finally get the boy he'd been wishing for until he had a Grandson.
The apple of Grandpa's Eye!!!
9.) I LOVE zombies (I think I've mentioned that before). But not just movies, video games & tv shows as well.
We were shooting zombies on the Wii & my sister thought it would be a good photo op.
10.) This is so weird but when I was pregnant, I craved the smell of tires (rubber). I didn't want to eat them, I just wanted to smell them. I would walk by the tire section in SAM's Club & linger a little as I walked out, but that wasn't concentrated enough. I really wanted to go to a store that sold nothing by tires....a real concentrated smell.
Me @ about 34 or 35 weeks (I think, I don't remember, I delivered @ 36&1/2 wks)

11.) I've seen 3 litters of puppies born & helped raise 2 of those litters for the 1st 8 weeks of their life.
My boy as a baby, before he was officially ours. 

12.) We are nuts about our dogs (if it wasn't obvious by the 3 litters of pups I've seen born & how much I talk about them). Even though there are 3 litters we are still close with the majority of the pups & their families & every fall we have a birthday party for all of them (The 1st litter was born in September, the 2nd the following October, which is why we celebrate in the Fall & once the new pups came we just threw them in there too.)
This was from 2 years ago (before the new puppies were born) Out of 17 total puppies, there were 14 there that day plus their dad & grandmom (she's the black lab). 

13.) My dad started a Sunday night ice cream tradition with me when I was about 2. And now milkshakes/ice cream are my extreme weakness.

14.) When deciding on a name for our son, my husband was going through superhero's & was saying "No" to all of them, until he came to Wolverine. I liked the name Logan. So I agreed. My husband thinks of Wolverine with the name Logan (because that was his real name in the movie), while I think of Logan from Gilmore Girls. It's a win win!!!

15.) This one isn't about me but since we've been together just shy of forever & I think this is quite funny, I'm going to mention it. In the 11 years since we started driving, my hubby has had 4 vehicles & all of them have been in the red family. These are the vehicles he's had (these aren't his, just pics I found to give you an idea).

16.) I love going "down the shore" (can you tell I'm from New Jersey or what), but I don't particularly care for the sand or the ocean (mainly the things in the ocean)...ok let me revise this then I LOVE going to the boardwalk, especially to walk the boards in the evening.

17.) I love the smell of a campfire, it reminds me of spending a week in Maine camping every summer growing up.

18.) I've been on the scary looking roller coaster "King da Ka" @ Six Flags Great Adventure 3 TIMES, the first time I almost cried when it was over because nothing can prepare you for that ride.

Here's a little video I found on Youtube of someone on the ride. Yes the height is scary, but it's the speed that gets you. According to Six Flag Great Adventure's website you go from 0-128mph in 3 point 5 seconds, it's unreal.

19.) And let's finish with a few random favorites:
  • Color: Red
  • Food: Pierogies
  • Coke or Pepsi: Coke
  • Show(s) Past & Present: Real Housewives of NJ, Top Chef, Shameless, Nurse Jackie, Roseanne, 90210 (the original)
I hope to see you join this fun B2S Mixer Linky Party & get to know more about all my fabulous followers. And feel free to spread the word!!!


    1. I love the idea of a get to know you linky party! I totally agree with you about open toe shoes...nails MUST be painted! I had to chuckle at #1. I am randomly OCD.
      I am planning on linking up to your party on Monday. Can't wait to see others' posts!

    2. I love going down the shore, and like you, not so much the sand and ocean business. You never know what kinds of critters are hanging around in the ocean. Noooo thanks! =)

      Third Grade in the First State

    3. Love all your "things". I have a friend who just named her son Logan, and it had nothing whatsoever to do with Wolverine (yeah, right). My oldest daughter's first and middle names each came from fantasy novels (though they are "real" names in their own right), though I always tell people "she is not named AFTER the character, I just liked those names". LOL. I'm just glad my husband liked them too, because she is so NOT a "Beth" (our other top choice). Thanks for hosting this party, can't wait to see what everyone else shares!

      Kindergarten A to Z

    4. I linked up! For some reason I can never get a picture to show up in the links.


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