Friday, July 12, 2013

Favorite Pins Friday & Liebster Nomination

So excited to be linking up with Cara Carroll from The First Grade Parade again this week, for Favorite Pins Friday & I was nominated again for the Liebster Award by the sweet ladies from Two Tacky Teachers. First my favorite pins, then I'll answer Jayme & Val's questions.

This week I thought I would go with some DIY pins. 

1.) When I saw this I thought it was such a clever idea. Why waste space with the old books that no one ever reads? This is a great way to get the old book look, but have hidden storage.

2.) Spraying painting folding chairs....duh, why didn't I think of that? You can do anything with spray paint. These colors really liven up those ugly folding chairs.

3.) Cute and practical!!!

4.) I think pallet furniture is such a great idea for outdoors spaces. My dad has his own business & is always getting pallets in....hint, hint...project!!!

5.) Such a cute way to "color-up" a space

6.) Every time I see beads in the store I think of this project. I really want to try this. I'm feeling a Monday Made It, maybe I can get it done this summer. :)

Since I was nominated earlier for the Liebster Award, I will just answer the questions Jayme & Val, from Two Tacky Teachers had for me. I'm again so touched that someone else has thought my fledgling blog worthy of an award. Thanks so much ladies.

1.) What grade do you teach?

  • I currently teach basic skills to K-2 students (part-time). Hoping that will change this summer ;)

2.) What grade is your favorite to teach?

  • I would have to say 1st grade. I had never worked with 1st graders until I started my current job in January of 2012 & for the last year and half I've loved working with the firsties. 

3.) How long have you been blogging?

4.) Do you have any pets?

5.) Where was the last place you vacationed?

  • My husband, my son, and I drove to South Carolina to see my mom and step-dad. I really dislike that drive. Other than going to see them we haven't been on a real vacation in I don't know how long & my husband & I have never gone anywhere except for some local, long weekend kind of trips. I'm hoping for our 5 year wedding anniversary we can finally go on our honeymoon. 

6.) Chocolate or vanilla?

  • CHOCOLATE all the way!!!

7.) What is your favorite season?

  • Fall; I love wearing a nice chunky sweater, jeans, and my Uggs, without a coat & the leaves changing in New Jersey is so pretty.

8.) Have you always wanted to be a teacher?

  • Yes. As long as you don't count my aspirations as a 4 year old to be a check-out clerk at the grocery store, because I like the idea of swiping the groceries across the scanner & pushing the buttons on the cash register. But when we would go to the bank, then I wanted to be a bank teller. But I lived some of those aspirations when I worked at CVS in high school. But I've known, seriously, that I wanted to be a teacher since elementary school.

9.) What college did you graduate from?

  • Rowan University in New Jersey

10.) If you could meet anyone famous, who would it be?

  • Mark Wahlberg...I love me some Mark. I've loved him since Fear.

11.) What is your favorite children's book?

  • I love the Berenstain Bear books. I had quite a collection at my mom's house & was compelled to read each one every time I went to visit in the summer. I still have my collection & read them from time to time.

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Be sure to link up with Cara for your favorite pins & check out these giveaways!!! Have a great weekend, I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!!!


  1. I love the suncatcher idea! Worth a try.


  2. Oh my! I loved M.W. ever since Fear too!!! You are the first one I know that loves him from that movie too!!

    You're So Sharp!


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