Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday Smorgasboard & Back-to-School Blogger Exchange

I'm linking up with Michelle from Fabulous in First for her Sunday Smorgasbord linky.
Here are some of my randoms from the week & boy are they random.


I'm joining in with Covered in Glitter and Glue and Adventures of Ms. Smith for a great Back to School Blogger exchange. Click the links for either of these lovely ladies blogs or the picture below to sign-up to be a part of this fun exchange. I've already signed up, I hope you will too!!!


During my lunch break the other day I was wandering around Wal-Mart & came across my favorite sight. I LOVE back-to-school supplies, I think it has to do with the newness of the supplies & the whole idea of a fresh start.


I caved & went to Target this week to see what I could find in the Dollar Spot. Not everything back-to-school is out yet, but I was able to score some pretty sweet stuff, plus some clearance tops.


In camp this week we had some exploding volcano mess fun. I know they're not the prettiest volcano's but the kids were really into making them & had a lot of fun seeing how much baking soda & vinegar it would take to get a good explosion. See my little cuties face in the top left picture. They really enjoyed this part!!!


My little guy got another summer haircut on Saturday. He's like his dad & easily sweats. Grosses me out (oops, am I not suppose to say that?) So I think it's practical & more comfortable for him to have his hair buzzed off. It's a little shorter this time, then when my hubby took him at the beginning of the summer, but he still looks cute!


Today I bought my little cutie the Little People Wheelies Loops N' Swoops Amusement Park Play Set. 
This is what it looks like & he's really into it. So right now you might be asking yourself, "Aww that's nice, but this is definitely random." Here's where I'm going with this...I had Little People when I was younger (circa late 80's/early 90's, when I was really into my Little People) & this is what my Little People looked like:

Boy have they changed in 20-some years. Maybe I'm a little biased, but I like mine better. I remember playing with it for hours. Driving the cars around town and moving the little people in & out of the stores, changing the traffic light, & sitting in the ice cream shop window, & you can't forget dropping the mail cards through the door. Plus you could turn it around & have the point of view from inside the store. I  LOVED MY LITTLE PEOPLE & seeing this picture, I found on the web, really makes me miss it. I wonder what happened to it? Now I wish I would of kept it. Oh by the way, this toy is considered vintage. Vintage! I'm vintage now? Oh dear!

I can't wait to see what randomness you have to share with us, don't forget to link up with Michelle.

Have a great week!!!


  1. Great blog! Love the Target finds...I've been good..I haven't been there yet. Probably don't need to go! :)

    Mrs. Thigpen's Kindergarten

  2. I stalk the Target Dollar Bins all summer long. I was at one Target last week, and the shelves were completely empty! Imagine my horror! Anyway, I plan to make it back this week in hopes that I'll find lots of goodies! I almost can't contain my excitement ;)

    Preslar's Place
    (and yes, I still can't figure out how to make my blog title a link in a comment grr!) :)

  3. I caved and went to Target this week too...oops! $100 later. Your little guy is just too cute! Have a great week.
    Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After

  4. Stephanie! Thanks for the "blogger newbie" help tonight. Let's see if I learned a new trick or not...

    Preslar's Place

  5. I love your Target Swag! I just can't stay away from there! My boys have the same summer cuts as your little guy. It is just so much easier in the summer. Happy to be a new follower. Can't wait to read more.
    Bright Concepts 4 Teachers


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