Saturday, July 13, 2013

Saturday Snapchats - Target Swag

I found a great new linky today, Saturday Snapshots!!! with Run! Miss Nelson's Got the Camera

This is exactly what I needed today. For some reason I still feel weird posting random posts without being attached to a linky. But anywho, I finally caved today & went to Target, you all know what's coming now don't you? The Target Swag I scored. I'm thinking since school doesn't start here until September would explain why I didn't see as much school stuff as I expected in The Dollar Spot. Like they didn't have the colored bins yet, you know the ones that many of us use as book bins, they resemble the Really Good Stuff bins. However, they did have some good stuff that I scooped up.

Here's what I found on my trip today.

  • I couldn't resist the classic books for only a $1 each. You never know which one of your students may be interested in them.
  • I'm going to do polka dots again this year (who didn't know that :) ) However, I'm going to try to stick to a hot pink, bright blue, lime green, & black color scheme. Considering this there were a lot of great choices in The Dollar Spot. 
  • The mini-pocket charts are bright blue, sorry you can't tell from the picture.
  • Then I found those fun glasses, which I think will jazz up Read to Self. They had black, hot pink, white, & teal (which I figured was close enough to my color scheme.)
  • Then I found those push pins in my color scheme (again sorry the picture isn't that great I was using my phone), and that yellow color is actually a bright green. 
  • My last great finds (the tops - middle picture) weren't in The Dollar Spot but they were on clearance. Yes, those 3 shirts are the same shirt just different colors. Once I find a shirt that I like & fits nice,  I usually buy it in multiple colors. So I bought a kelly green (on the left, again you can't tell because of the pic), a teal, and a yellow one. All of those shirts were $4.98, but my favorite find was the teal/light bluish color cardigan. I absolutely love it, it's longer in length & has longer sleeves that come down past my wrists, plus it was only $9.98. SCORE!!!

Speaking of my polka dot & new color scheme, here's a little screen shot of what I'm working on.
Polka dot themed classroom decor in hot pink, lime green, bright blue, & touches of black. I need to get myself in high-gear & finish it. I don't go back to school until September, but I keep telling myself that I need to hurry & finish this so I can post it for those that go back to school in August.

Before I go remember to check out these awesome giveaways by Live.Love.Math & Creation Castle.

Hope your having an awesome Saturday. I'll be spending my evening with this large group of folks to celebrate my Poppop's birthday!!!


  1. I am definitely needing to take atrip to target! So many people finding such great deals! I am the same way with a good piece of clothing. Once I find something tat fits good and I like a get at least three in different colors!

    Math Madness

  2. You are so NOT alone when it comes to buying the same clothing item in several different colors! I do that all the time! I picked up more of the mini pocket charts this week too!


    Life in Room 24

  3. Happy Birthday Poppop!!! THanks for linking up. Your alphabet set looks darling.

  4. Hi, your alphabet chart looks great! I'm in the same boat...thinking I need to get my class decor done. I kinda took a little break from it and need to finish. I like your comment----"For some reason I still feel weird posting random posts without being attached to a linky." I'm the same way!!! It seems if I don't link up somewhere, no one sees the post anyway and no one comments! So I always try to find somewhere to link up! Guess I don't have enough faithful followers yet! :)

    The Bender Bunch

    1. I completely understand how you feel Traci. I feel like having between 150 & 200 followers (depending where you're looking Google or Bloglovin) is a lot, but I guess in the grand scheme of blogging & looking at the big hitters, it's still on the small side. Steadily we're getting there. Congrats on all your Liebster nominations, I'm a new follower of yours.


  5. You take great pics! So cute!!!

  6. Great looking blog, Stephanie! Awesome finds on your shopping trip! Congrats!
    Grade 4 Buzz

  7. Love your blog! Please check us out and enter for a chance to win a $5 Target Gift Card!

    Our K Crew Rocks

  8. Just found your post and am loving your blog! I am your newest follower :)

    The Sweetest Thing
    Follow me on Bloglovin'!

  9. I am your newest follower. Your blog is so cute. I am lovin' those ABC cards your making. I would love for you to come check out my blog if you get a chance.

    Teaching Tidbits and More With Jamie


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