Friday, July 10, 2015

Five for Friday 7/10/15

First week of summer school done...4 weeks to go and to end this week a little weekend away with my hubby. So while he takes a little nap before dinner I'm linking up with Kacey from Doodle Bugs Teaching.

This was my first week of summer school and my Wednesday I felt like I had finally gotten into a grove, not bad, the 3rd day. You can check out my Monday Made It post to see some of the centers I made for my kiddos. I really should be figuring out what I'm going to do next week, but I'll save that for tomorrow. This is my problem when I don't have to write formal plans, I end up taking it day-by-day and I really don't want to. I want to have a plan for the week. Maybe I should say it again & I'll actually do it "I want to have a plan for the week!"
 My hubby is testing for his paramedic test so I went with him for the weekend to New Hampshire, so he could take his test Sunday morning. I figured this would be a good chance for us to spend some time away since we didn't do much for our 5 year anniversary.

I couldn't get the video I took on the ride to save right to my computer, so this is a pic from Wikipedia but this highway we took the Merritt Parkway is absolutely beautiful. There are trees like this along the whole thing and no trucks are allowed on this road. It was such a nice ride up this road.

 Since we're away for a little mini-vaca I've decided that we are not eating anywhere that we could eat at back at home. As soon as we walked into the hotel they had an i-Pad with a site of places to eat, things to do, etc. and right away a BBQ place caught my eye (I'm a little obsessed with BBQ lately...ribs & pulled pork especially).

So I think we'll be eating at this place when my hubby gets up from his nap.

At some point tomorrow I think we'll be stopping here...The Red Arrow Diner.

 They were featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives some years ago, but I'm all about trying the places that Guy Fieri has featured, especially if I can drive there or I'm in the area.

I'm thinking maybe we'll stop for a late night bite to eat tomorrow night after we go to a comedy show. I'm hoping there won't be as much of a line then.
The great thing about my hubby have to do some school stuff while we're away is I get to READ!!!!
I've brought 3 books with me....just in case, but currently I'm half way through Nora Roberts The Liar, so I can't wait to just sit & be alone and do some heavy duty reading. 

A little boring this week, but definitely relaxing this weekend!!!

Have a great weekend & week!!!


  1. Summer school and centers? This doesn't sound like the typical high school summer school that I'm thinking of.

    Looks like you are enjoying your summer!

    Confessions of a Modern Day [ex] Substitute Teacher

  2. Sounds like you're having a really amazing week! Kudos to you for teaching summer school!! It's not offered for anything but high school in our district! I think your 'work vacation' with your hubby looks amazing!! I too am all about trying new places to eat, and I LOVE when I stumble across somewhere featured in Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives!!! I get sucked into that show every time it comes on! I hope you're able to get your reading finished, there's nothing quite like losing yourself in a good book for a few hours!!
    Thank you so much for sharing your 5 with us, it was great to read about them!! P.S. - I was born in Salem, New Jersey and spent my formative years in Pedricktown and Penns Grove!! :-)

    Kindergarten Dragons


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