Friday, June 26, 2015

Five for Friday 6/26/15

I'm linking up on this fabulous Friday with Kacey from Doodle Bugs Teaching. This Friday is so fabulous because this was my first full week of summer break.  

 We spent some time Saturday at a local, free zoo. My guys being silly, having their pictures taken in the cut-outs.

This was me Tuesday night. We had a big storm that knocked the power out, we were lucky to get ours back Wednesday morning, there are still some people that don't have theirs back yet. I'm so thankful we didn't go too long without ours. But since my house was eerily quiet Tuesday night, I had trouble falling asleep. This was me in bed....just laying there. But on a positive note, I managed to decorate all of the bulletin boards in my new classroom & the placement of each and began organizing my teacher corner (since I'll be sans desk this year :). Oh the things you can accomplishment in your head on a restless night.

While laying in bed Tuesday night I also thought about all the things I needed to do, like re-organize my sons room. We already had this fantastic organizer from IKEA in his room, I just did a little summer cleaning of stuff he doesn't play with anymore. I absolutely love this organizer. It's actually two pieces. When we bought it last summer, these were the only color buckets they had and I had to beg and plead to get enough of them. Luckily my son is 4 and likes all colors, but I imagine sometime in the future my husband will have to spray paint the pink ones...maybe.

The other bonus of no power...more time to read, since there was nothing else to do. Good thing I had gone to library on Monday. I'm currently reading Every Fifteen Minutes and almost done. These are just some of the books on my massively long summer reading list.

The best reason for summer break. Getting to spend time with my cutie. We were having a picnic lunch in the yard. I just love that little face.

Hope everyone had a great week this week and a good week next week. Have fun with your Fourth of July plans and be safe.


  1. Happy Summer to you!!! Enjoy your downtime and spending time with your little guy, he's a cutie! I have two daughters myself and they keep me B.U.S.Y. :)

  2. I love that organizer. My oldest son has a LAX tournament next month is a city that has an IKEA and I told my husband I must hit IKEA!

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  4. Let me try that again!

    Hey Stephanie! Looks like you're enjoying those kiddos this summer. I love that about summer! I had to laugh at all you accomplished in your head while the lights were out. I'm good at that too--it is putting into action that takes me awhile! ;-)

    Teaching Little Miracles

  5. Stephanie, looks like you had a fun week. I love going to the zoo. Enjoy your time relaxing and reading. Looks like you have a bundle of great books to read. Have a great weekend!


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