Saturday, June 20, 2015

Five for Friday 6/19/15

Schools out for summer!!!! And maybe I'll become a better blogger and Tpt seller this summer (maybe....), baby steps...maybe a few linky's a week to get me back in the grove, so let's start with Doodle Bugs Teaching Five for Friday linky.

School is officially done for the summer. Wednesday was my last day. Now 2 weeks off until 5 weeks of summer school starts. I'm looking forward to going back in August to set up my room though, (isn't it sick that I'm thinking of it already? Aren't we all a little bit like this though?) my co-teacher and I are moving rooms and we made the leap to get rid of our desks, so I'm excited for the chance to reorganize.

All of our days this week (all 3 of them) were half days, so on Tuesday we played some Minute to Win It games. Here's myself, my co-teacher, and our assistant playing Scoop It Up, where you have to transfer the ping-pong balls from one bowl to the other, using only a spoon in your mouth. Definitely not as easy as it may look. I only got one ball transferred. Our assistant got all 4 transferred.

On the last day of school we handed out paper plate awards to all of our kiddos, here's a shot of a few of them. The kids really enjoyed them and many of them seemed to know who was getting the award before we called the student's name.

 The last day of school was also Superhero Day at my school, the students and staff were encouraged to represent their favorite superhero or come up with one of their own. I went with a simple Captain America t-shirt....
 And this is why. I knew my husband already had one and when I bought mine, I bought my son one, so we are now a whole supers family.
We spent a few days at the beach. This was my little guys first time on the beach and in the ocean, which he wasn't too thrilled with. The beach was fine but the ocean was too much for him.

Enjoy your weekend. If you're not already on summer break, I'm sure the end is near and when it gets here, enjoy some time for you before putting your teacher hat back on.

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