Monday, August 3, 2015

Monday Made It 8/3/15

I have a quick Monday Made It to share because it was so obvious when I saw them that I HAD to do it!!!

I found these super cute tins in the Dollar Spot at Target.

 SO I naturally felt compelled to buy 2 along with some letter stickers and make ......

New Sharpened and Not Sharpened cups.

What else are you suppose to do with pencil tin cups? Put pencils in them of course.

I also found these cuties in the dollar spot and I love them so much I just had to share.
I couldn't believe it when I found these wood, canvas looking signs in the Dollar Spot (so they were $3, but that's ok). I had to have them and I plan to put them on the window ledge in my class, behind where my co-teacher has her small group table.

Then I found this cute school house shaped chalkboard sign, that I plan to write an inspirational quote on and put on the ledge behind my desk. 

If you have any suggestions for inspirational quotes, I'll take any suggestions. Look for these gems when I post my classroom reveal in late August/early September.

Remember if you made something link up with Tara from 4th Grade Frolics and share what you made!!!


  1. That chalkboard sign is so stinking cute! What an awesome find!!!

    Stomping Through First

  2. Useful discussion . BTW , if anyone is interested a MI CSCL/CD-901 , my kids filled a sample form here Michigan Elf.


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