Friday, August 16, 2013

Five for Friday {8/16} & Tpt's BIG SALE

Only 2 more Summer Friday's left after this one! Not sure how I feel about that yet. : / 

So for now I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for that wonderful linky we all love.

Yesterday I finally got one of the calls that I've been waiting for. Back at the beginning of July I interviewed for a full time Resource Room position at my current district's 3rd/4th grade building & yesterday I got the call to come in for a 2nd interview with our Super. I'm so excited, I was on such an adrenaline high yesterday. I'm so close I can taste it. 

This hiring season I've gone on 5 interviews, including with my current district, & have gotten 4 rejections, but I believe in my heart that I'm meant to stay in my district & that this job is the job for me. I've felt that since I got the call for the original interview.

Our board meeting is next Wednesday & my interview is Tuesday morning. I'm praying I'll have good news to share with everyone by the end of next week.
I didn't have to go to my summer camp job until 2:30 today so I got to spend the morning with this cutie, who like his mommy, has an oh so fun summer cold, but he was still up for some selfies!

And this was the other thing that made my day yesterday. I got my Blogger Exchange box from sweet Nicole over at Teaching with Style! Here's the post I wrote for the link up.

Since I have a little over 2 weeks before going back to school, when I'm not here, I love to read & have had the reading bug lately. Here's what I've been reading lately. I'm the type of person when I find an author I like I tend to devour all of their books I can find at the library. Yes, I have a Kindle, but I don't like to use it. I prefer to hold a real book in my hands. I know that probably makes me a weirdy, but I can't help it.

Don't forget to stop by my store on Sunday/Monday and take advantage of Tpt's Back2School sale. I'll be setting my store to 20% off plus get an extra 10% off by using the code BTS13 at checkout.

If it's still summer for you, I hope you're enjoying your last days or weeks. And if you're already back-to-school I hope it's going well.

Enjoy the Weekend!!!

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  1. Oh I'm sending you SOOO many positive thoughts and wishes as you anxiously wait your interview and the news!!! I really hope you are successful!! I had an interview on Friday to keep my current job for the next year (and be made permanent), so I understand the nervousness all too well!!!

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